How to Get Beat Up is Hitting YouTube

Kenny puts out fire HBU.png

Full of deadpan gags, pranks, and good clean slapstick for a general audience, How To Get Beat Up is a television micro series mixing lifestyle and comedy. Award-winning journalist and host Byron Hamel poses as a wannabe fighting master, challenging actual martial arts masters to duels and, well… getting beat up.

Originally produced for Bell MTS and available now on Fibe TV1, How to Get Beat Up makes its way to YouTube on October 25, 2018. This series will be updated weekly, and is FREE to watch!

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If I Go Missing Fundraiser

Brianna Jonnie dancing. Clip from If I Go Missing. Photo Credit Cynthia Jones


Help kids. Fight racism. We need your help to bring Brianna Jonnie and ourselves to the Toronto Independent Film Festival for the screening of our film “If I Go Missing“.

Our film is an art-fueled short documentary about Indigenous teen activist Brianna Jonnie, who is ridiculed by her city and the media for simply asking that Indigenous youth be treated equally if they go missing.

So far we’ve been successful bringing this film to Bravo, Bell, and one pending screening in Toronto on September 6th. We’re also trying to get it to Sundance and Cannes, two other highly-influencial film festivals.

The purpose of attending these festivals is to get this film as widely-distributed as possible. We feel it humanizes the importance of growing beyond racism in a way that other representations have not been able to yet, and that it can actually play a role in bringing about the positive advancement of equality.

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Or purchase tickets to attend our Toronto screening and support us by showing up!