Byron Hamel

Byron was exposed to the entertainment industry from an early age, first gaining a love for mixing live music, and then earning a BFA in Theatre. After school was over, he began his own promotional video business and simultaneously accepted a position as Associate Producer with CBC Radio, where he wrote and produced hundreds of scripts for local and national broadcasts. But his passion has always been making television and films, so he created Weirdo Hat with Angela Bellingham.

He got his start in television with MTS (Now Bell MTS) in Winnipeg Manitoba, where he produced and directed “A Cycle Broken“, an intriguing look into the world of Guardians of the Children, a group of bikers who protect abused kids.

Byron Hamel is now best known as the Producer, Director, and Writer of the short documentary “If I Go Missing“, an art-fueled humanizing documentary about the struggle for equal treatment of murdered and missing Indigenous women and children, starring real-life Indigenous teen activist Brianna Jonnie. The film was originally produced for Bravo.

Byron also produces and stars in “How To Get Beat Up“, a comedic lifestyle TV series about martial arts on Fibe TV1 and YouTube.