Weirdo Hat is a small but highly capable film company in Winnipeg Manitoba headed by Byron Hamel and Angela Bellingham. Our mix of industry experience, creative autonomy, and independent approach give us an edge in creating fresh original content at a low price for both Canadian and international markets.

We’re a little off-beat, but still very accessible to huge numbers. We can go from serious to humorous in the blink of an eye. And we’re good at both.



Our development process is simple. We think about what we’re passionate about, and then fuse that with what people want. Somehow we always seem to wind up with magic.

Chief writer Byron Hamel has 20 years at the production table in various fields, writing and directing hundreds of radio scripts, 2 televised films, and a TV series. His work also spans several stage productions and short films. Byron is the winner of the 2013 Peter Gzowski Life Literacy Fellowship, and has a BFA degree in theatre. Angela Bellingham holds a Masters in accounting, and brings superior organization to the table, allowing projects and budgets to stay focused and on-point.

Our sub-contractor team includes a growing pool of professional Directors of Photography, Choreographers, Technicians, Sound Engineers, Musicians, and Quality Controllers. We also have a pool of projects in development just waiting for the right funding. Got something specific in mind? Let us know. You’ll be surprised what we can do with a low budget. We take commissions!



Original music is a big part of every production we make. We work with our team of lyric writers, composers, engineers, skillful contracted musicians and other recording professionals to make every project we have fresh, targeted and polished, even on micro-budgets. We also put a lot of emphasis on Foley and atmospheric sound. Original full and fresh recordings. We steer clear of canned sound whenever possible. We understand that the storytelling power of sound and music is half of the film/television experience. And we deliver in spades.

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